Forum Title: Acid-Loving Pool Closing
Our pool, opened at the beginning of this year, has been using about 128 oz. of muriatic acid every week in order to keep the pH in check. We are closing and covering our pool next week, with everything being winterized. I'm wondering if I need to continue checking the pH while its closed...and, if so, how I would add acid to the pool with no pump running to circulate it?
Category: pool Post By: TERRENCE GARNER (Redwood City, CA), 03/03/2019

I looked over some of your previous posts and I'm assuming that your high pH is due to your SWG and your bubblers on the tanning ledge. Is that correct or do you have issues with your fill water or something else? I would say that if your TA is in check then you shouldn't have any problems once you adjust the pH to 7.4, cover it and shut the filter off. The aeration is a moot issue once everything is shut down.

- EDNA RICHARDS (Longview, TX), 04/17/2019

UN...thanks for the advice. I don't think it's the fill water, as that measured fine when I last checked. The bubblers are only run occasionally when the little ones are in the pool. The SWG has been running all season, though. I will make sure to measure the TA before closing. (It's been fine all year...I'm told it's normal for new plaster pools to demand a lot of acid in the first year or two). Hopefully, the acid demand will drop off significantly as the water gets colder and the pool's covered.

- TERRENCE GARNER (Redwood City, CA), 04/12/2019

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