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This is the first year for us having an Intex 42 x 15' above ground pool. I was wondering if I need to do anything special to it or if there are any tips for draining and taking down a pool. What should I do about cleaning it once it is drained? The water in the pool is still nice and clear. Thanks, jenb
Category: pool Post By: RODNEY MATTHEWS (Miramar, FL), 02/24/2019

is there any particular reason you are wanting to take down your pool?, i have a 18x52 intex ultra frame i am planning to leave up all winter i am just going to use the tips in pool school for closing a above ground pool, there are many threads on here from people who have great success leaving up the seasonal pools through the winter, like in Wisconsin their winters are alot worse than here in Ohio and where you reside in Kansas......just a thought.......Mike but if you are dead set on taking it down you need to drain all the water and remove the pump and hoses and dry them and drain the pump and dry inside of it,and use vasoline on any rubber seals to keep them soft and place then in a plastic tote in the garage. Then when all the water is out of the pool you must thoroughly wipe it dry inside and out before storage so it don't mold over the winter and i would store the liner in a plastic tote or trash can inside the garage to keep mice from eating it and once again make sure it is thoroughly dry, A vinyl liner can shrink when drained if left for hours in the hot sun so work quickly when drying the liner or wait for a overcast day to perform this task.....good luck.......Mike

- LYDIA MANN (National City, CA), 04/03/2019

If yours is the inflatable top ring pool disregard my first paragraph......Mike

- TRACY YANG (Kalamazoo, MI), 04/08/2019

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